SSI And SSDI Advocates

Berkley Disability is one of California's pre-eminent disability advocacy groups in Orange County and its surrounding areas. We hold decades of experience in providing successful SSI and SSDI services to thousands of people throughout Orange County and the state of California.

Individualized Service. Experienced Guidance. Officially Licensed Advocacy.

Our clients come to us either already frustrated with the process or worried about dealing with a faceless bureaucracy. To offset these problems, we approach each Social Security matter we handle in a uniquely personalized setting.

This setting means we work with each client on an individual basis in disability claim matters. This approach enables us to learn the unique circumstances of each case and craft our guidance responsively to those circumstances. Clients appreciate being treated like people, not like numbers.

We can offer this level of personally tailored service because we draw on years of experience in this area. In fact, we provide each client with the benefit of approved disability advocate Clifford Berkley.

In order to become an approved disability advocate, you must have practiced for over four years and sit for a comprehensive examination administered by Social Security. In addition to this license, Clifford Berkley draws on more than a decade of experience in Social Security-related disability advocacy.

Let Us Fight Through The Confusing Rules For You

To learn more about how Berkley Disability advocacy group can help you gain access to your rightful SSI and SSDI benefits, please call our office to schedule a free initial consultation: 714-515-5141. You can also reach us online. All consults remain entirely confidential.